The State of Washington Personnel Resources Board

Filing Appeals

In order to file an appeal, an employee must provide the information required by WAC 357-52-020 to the Personnel Resources Board in writing within 30 days of the action being appealed.

In order to be considered timely, an appeal must be received in writing at the office of the board within 30 calendar days after:

(1) The effective date of the disciplinary action, layoff, or separation,

(2) The date the employee could reasonably be expected to have knowledge of the action giving rise to a law or rule violation claim or the stated effective date, whichever is later,

(3) Service of the director's determination unless the rules specifically state that the director's determination is final, or

(4) The effective date of the exemption of a position or the notice of exemption, whichever is later.

Submit an Appeal online.

Appeals or other related documents may not be filed by email.

Call the board staff at (360) 407-4101 for information on filing new appeals.

Please be aware that any document you file with the board may be subject to disclosure through the public records request process.