The State of Washington Personnel Resources Board

Welcome to the Personnel Resources Board

The Personnel Resources Board is adhering to guidelines to mitigate social distancing and face-to-face interactions as recommended by the CDC due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are conducting hearings via an electronic State Network System. Please check this page often for updates on future hearings.                                                             


Board Members

Name Position Term Expires
Faye Emmanuel Chair January 4, 2027
Peter Gayton Vice Chair January 1, 2025
Nancy Holland Young  Member January 4, 2029

Board members are appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate.

About the Board

The Personnel Resources Board hears appeals filed by civil service employees of the state of Washington. The board has three members, appointed by the Governor, subject to Senate confirmation.

Actions that can be appealed to the board

Permanent state employees not subject to a collective bargaining agreement can appeal these actions directly to the board:

  • disciplinary actions including dismissal, suspension, demotion or reduction in base salary
  • layoff actions
  • alleged rule violations
  • exemption of his/her position

Any permanent state employee can appeal a Director’s Review determination on these actions:

  • allocations or reallocations
  • remedial actions
  • performance evaluation process
  • removal of the employee’s name from a layoff list

Your deadline to appeal

If you are appealing: The board must receive your appeal within 30 calendar days of:
A disciplinary action, layoff or separation The effective date of the action/layoff/separation
A rule violation The date you could reasonably be expected to have knowledge of the action giving rise to a law or rule violation claim, or the stated effective date, whichever is later
A Director’s Review determination The service date of the determination
The exemption of your position The effective date of the exemption, or the notice of exemption, whichever is later.

How to appeal

You can mail, fax or deliver your appeal in person to the board — see the top right of this page for our address. There are two ways to compile your appeal:





Send a written request that includes information outlined in WAC 357-52-020